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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miranda and Kittens

A couple weeks ago Angie's daughter, Miranda, came over for a sew day while her mother had a photo shoot. We had started a purse for Miranda from fabrics she picked out herself.  She came back to finish it - or rather play with the kittens while I finished it.  The kittens were still in the sewing room so it was interesting navigating around them.  Miranda loved having them there.
She kept adding to her collection.

This is her finished purse.  I think she did an exceptional job picking the fabrics.  It was beautiful.  The first day, I asked if she wanted to do a line of quilting down each seam line, but she wanted some fancy embroidery stitch instead.  I had this part done before she came the second day.

The inside has lots of pockets for all her valuable stuff.  I had everything we needed to make the purse except a large button for the loop to go over to close the top.

After the purse was finished, we had some time till her mom came, so she wanted a book cover for her paperbacks.  She picked out some orange fall fabrics.  Miranda wanted the same embroidery stitches down the seams of the strips of her book cover.  I suggested she do it herself and she eagerly did a fantastic job. 

She had help, too.  Ebony jumped up when she started and made herself comfortable on the chair.  She stayed there about an hour.

Miranda was worried Ebony would get cold, so she covered her up with the fabric for the book cover.  The pillow is a padded piece I have next to my machine for my scissors, ripper, etc. to lay on. 

Lucy had to get in the room, too, to play.  Rover was happy to oblige.  All the cats and kittens love Lucy and she loves them back.

Rover found a great bed on top of some batting.  Isn't he adorable. And so sweet, too.  He's going to make someone the best cat, ever.  And you can see, he's dog friendly.


  1. That purse is lovely! Great fabrics, well done. And I've been trying to get my mom to make me a book cover for paperbacks for oh, at least a year now, maybe two. It can't be that hard, can it?

    Rover is a very handsome boy; yes, he'll be an excellent companion. Makes me wish I could adopt more. LOL.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Kea, Thanks for the compliments. The book cover is harder than it looks, but then I put more bells and whistles on than some. Version 3.0 has a small pocket in the inside cover for a business card, book mark, or ID, and a Velcro piece on the back cover for the closure tab to stick to when in use. I forgot to take a picture of Miranda's or another one I made for a friend. It's hell getting old! It would help if I had written directions for my improvement, so I'm going to do that one of these days, too. I just need 36-hour days.

  3. Thanks, Sandy. I try. Miranda came over again today wanting a neck pillow for the 3-day ride to Boston. So, we made one. Next post.