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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toula, Woody and Lexi

 Does it get any cuter?  I just got this picture of one of my fosters with her new brother and sister.  Toula, the cat, was adopted from me last summer by Donna and Dave and is the delight of her new parents - and siblings.  I hear that Woody and Lexi both adore Toula as much as she adores them.  Donna says each animal has their own bed, but they sometimes choose to sleep all together. Talk about one big happy family!  Thank you, Donna, for the wonderful picture.

I keep telling people that dogs and cats usually get along great.  My foster cats and my own cats all get along with Lucy, the dog, better than they get along with each other sometimes.


  1. Barb, This is the best picture. I love the fact they have their own beds but sometimes prefer to share one. No wonder the new mom loves her babies, they are really cute. Dar

  2. Yeah, isn't that sweet. You can tell they all really like each other, can't you? Talk about warm and fuzzy.

  3. What a cute picture! I have to say when I was growing up our cats and dog didn't get along that great - BUT - they weren't the sweetest cats to begin with. The dog knew the cats were in charge (I think because he was the last to join the house, plus they were both ladycats, and he was a boy). But there were at least a few occasions where I caught them snuggling - I think the cats would have denied it though!

    I think if my current cats were given time, they would get along great with a dog - they have a good temperment though!

  4. Thanks, Amy. Pictures like this make it easy to write cute stuff. I know I've been very lucky to have had three dogs who got along great with cats. I admit I have some pretty sweet cats and kittens, but even the divas and crabby ones like Lucy - sometimes a little too much. They'll rub on her face and neck till she looks at me with that "help me, please" look, but she just lays there. Most dogs do learn very quickly to have great respect for cats. I know all about cats in denial. One of my heftier cats tried to jump to the top of the vanity, missed by a good 6", fell back to the floor, and started licking her paw like she meant to smack into the cabinet.