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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kittens Help Make the Bed

Changing bed sheets is a pain, but I had help today.  The kittens love playing on the bed.  You wouldn't believe how much litter they save between their toes to leave like presents on my sheets. I brush it off every night and it's back the next night.

Like I said yesterday, the room is just one big playground.

 This is my help changing the sheets.

 Who needs stairs when you can just climb up the side?

 There was a mysterious lump under the top sheet as I was making the bed.



He found his way out.

This little one was watching the silly antics of his siblings from the best seat in the house - the back of the chair.

I am so fed up with Blogger!!!  They did a "new and improved" version a couple weeks ago.  Since then, I can't always put text next to the photo.  It's under the picture below it.  I can't put the photos in the right order.  I can't get things to look right on the page.  What I type in the "draft" box isn't anything like it is after I click on "publish."  It's so frustrating!  Why can't we just enter things the way it will look on the blog?   Anyway, I'm sorry.  The caption about the kitten climbing up the side of the bed will NOT go by the picture and I don't know how or what to do.  Is anyone else having this problem with Blogger?  I'm using a template and not designing from scratch. 

Gotta go play with kittens and get my blood pressure down.


  1. OMG, those photos are wonderful! Kitten antics--such a joy. I see one of them, in the first pic, peeking out behind the pillow--too cute!

    I switched to the new Blogger interface a while back and am not having any difficulties, but I've always centered my pics and put the text above or below. Alternatively, you can click on the photo and add a caption (you'll see that option when you actually click on the pic).

    Good luck...With the kittens and with Blogger!

  2. You know orange kittens are my weakness, right? I don't know how you stand all that cuteness! I also don't know how you ever manage to get your bed made with so much "help". :-)

    I don't think I've received an updated version of Blogger - or if I have, I haven't noticed any issues with it. Could be the template you're using doesn't work so well with the changes Blogger has made?

  3. They are so cute. My three "help" me too, but they are not near as interesting as the babies.

  4. That kind of help looks like a lot of fun!