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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Placemats and Cats

All four placemats are finished, but I still need to make two more.  I set a plate and soup bowl on a placemat on the dining room table with silverware and a favorite pink stemmed glass that I sort of collect.  I took a half dozen shots with different lighting until I got a couple I thought would work.  Then the helpers came.  Did I seriously think I could do something alone?  There are a few "good" photos.  Then some of what I had to go through to get the "good" ones.


"Nice, but they're empty!  Get come kibble in there."

When's dinner ready?  I haven't smelled anything, but I know there's chili leftover and burnt cornbread.  Not bad if you cut the burnt parts off.

I hope you all have a very "helpful" and unburnt weekend, too.



  1. The placemats look perfect with the china!

  2. You cats are so very beautiful!

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    Thank you,

  3. We just discovered your blog from a comment you left on the Katnip Lounge blog! Our meowmie knits and scrapbooks. She's never done quilting before. You sure have some cute foster kitties, too! There are 15 kitties at our house. Come visit our blog sometime if you can!