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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kimmy Helps With Christmas

A couple months ago, a lady, Tonya, adopted Kimmy, a black and white kitten of mine.  She sent this picture to me last week.  Kimmy was helping her put up some Christmas lights.  I do raise very helpful cats.  Thinking quickly, Tonya snapped the picture with her cell phone.  Isn't this a beautiful photo of a beautiful little girl.  Thank you, Tonya, for the photo and for giving one of my babies a good home. 

I haven't posted for a long time.  Partly because I was busy, partly because I do my blogging in the evening and stay up way to late doing it, and partly because a cat ate John's camera.  That's the next blog.


  1. So gorgeous. How nice of her to send this to you. Deb

  2. Barb--so glad you are back blogging!

    1. Thank you, but I have no idea who you are and can't reply to you directly.