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Friday, July 19, 2013

New Tie-Dyed Shoes

Yesterday, a giant mushroom, today the coolest shoes ever.  Even the laces are to "dye" for.  Couldn't resist.  Despite what John says, they are NOT clown shoes, NOR do they look like a unicorn threw up on them.   I love how all the bright colors mix and swirl.  Just gorgeous.

Anyway, I have to thank Scott, the coolest cat dad ever over at the Katnip Lounge,  He posted a picture of his tie-dyed shoes a couple weeks ago, and I had to have some.  Mine are the lighter version of his.  Scott has an Espy site selling tie-dyed shirts, bags and things.  Check it out from the Katnip Lounge site.  Although Scott probably wasn't even round in the late '60's, I had a front-row seat when the hippies reintroduced the world to tie-dyed clothes.  I've dyed lots if fabric for my quilting, even selling some at large quilt shows across the country.  I once had a 2-yard piece of cotton fabric, dyed with all the colors of the rainbow, and it was stunning.  I had it draped in my booth to show off, but not to sell. I had plans for that baby.  A lady talked me out of it for $50 ten years ago, and thought she got a bargain.

I thought the shoes were something new.  All my friends know I envy all the little kids who come in Petsmart with their sequined, lighted, and blinged up shoes - that they don't make for anyone over 12.  However, these are a limited edition from New Balance and came out early last spring.  I spent two whole nights searching the web for a site that had these in my size - the size everybody wears.  All sold out.  Several questionable places had my size, but just the sentence structure told me they probably weren't in the USA.  No way was I giving them my credit card.  Finally, I found these at Foot Locker's site.  Yea!

Because I know everybody's going to want a pair, too, the number is  NB W 890 V3.  The first letters are for New Balance, Women's.  I think the V3 is version 3.  They aren't as sturdy as my other NB shoes, but they're also about $30 less.  I'm okay with that.


  1. HA! We were TOO around for the 60's, even if we were just tots...he'll be 52 this year!

    Groovy shoes, man...and thank for the shout out!

    Peace out...

  2. I have one of Scott's tote bags and love it. The sneakers are awesome!

  3. I'm going to have to side with Dad on that one.

  4. Very cool shoes, Barb! Really groovy!