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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ginormous Mushroom !

Last Sept I found giant mushrooms growing in the back yard. They're poisonous if eaten, but were amazing to see.  This is from the post.  The biggest one was 7.5" across, about as wide as my hand span.

Then, two days ago, we had another mushroom.  Only got one so far, but it's a whopper.  It measures 11.5" across.  Looks like something from outer space.  It's in the same location as the ones last year, about 6 ft from the house and patio.  What I wouldn't give to be able to chop this baby up, saute it with butter and garlic, and eat for a week.

It got so big and heavy it had to lean over to rest in the grass.  The stem didn't break.  It's growing that way.

This was two days ago when the mushroom was just a baby.  I thought it was a different type of mushroom, since it was taller.  I forgot how they got wider.  Lucy didn't want to be anywhere near it, but I got her to sit sort of near it.  But she wouldn't look at me, so she wasn't really there.

Last year they came in Sept, and it's only July.  If I get any mushrooms bigger than a foot across, I'll let you know.  Yeah, I know the grass needs mowing.  Our lawn man, Randy, is a police Lt. in real life and works some lawns in on his days off.  He hasn't had one in a while.  John's mower broke about 5 years ago and it seemed cheaper to pay Randy than buy a new riding mower.  Plus, John can park his car in the garage.  Stay cool, everyone.


  1. Aacckkk! I'm always intrigued by fungi, but I've never seen a mushroom like that. Some sort of alien, on steroids, fungus. LOL.

    Hope all is well with the fosters and that you've had adoptions!