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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Another Day With the Cats

The cats keep me entertained every day.  I wish I had a camera with me at all times.  And I wish I remembered I have a camera on my phone - which IS usually with me at all times.  Last month I did a home evaluation of a kitten that the owner thought was being aggressive.  The kitten was fine and was just being a 3-month-old kitten.  The lady's apartment faced a pond.  While I was watching the kitten, the lady told her granddaughter to get the crackers.  At the patio door stood two adult ducks and 10 little ducklings.  They come every afternoon for the crackers.  The lady opened the door, tossed some oyster crackers out and a dozen ducks went crazy trying to get them.  Half of the ducklings came inside the living room to get crackers thrown there.  I was totally enthralled and mesmerized by this.  It was the coolest thing I'd seen in years.  Darn, I wish I had my camera.  When I told my husband about it that evening, he said it was too bad I didn't get a picture with my phone.  Damn!  So, the past few days I've kept the camera close and took quite a few pictures.

FLUFFY  TOILET  PAPER.  I was greeted by this when I walked into the bathroom the other day.  I've found TP with holes, and quite a few rolls unrolled on the floor, but I've never, ever seen fluffy TP like this.  It was very interesting that they could shred it like this and have it still stay connected.  It looked like a bunch of feathers.  I have no idea who did this or how they did it.  The roll is now kept in the cabinet,  Just another day in the life of cat fostering.
I was downstairs and heard a loud bang upstairs.  Not unusual, but I always investigate.  Someone had evidently climbed up our fake tree in the foyer and knocked it over onto the sofa.  By the time I got there, three kittens and Alex were having a ball playing Jungle Cat.  Alex is the large adult on the seat. 

 Alex loves the kittens.  They follow him around like he's their daddy, and he licks and grooms them like they're his kids.

 Alex and the kittens get their canned food in the bathroom every evening.  Alex starts whining, I get a can, a plate, and a spoon, and he and all four kittens run to the bathroom.  It's called a conditioned response.  It means they have me well trained.

 This is Mia, a new foster kitten I have.  Nita, a very nice lady in west county, is rescuing a colony of cats living behind a grocery store.  She called Heartland for help with the first two she trapped, and I took a gray tortie adult and this black tortie kitten.  She is so, so sweet.  She naps on John's chest every night while he watches TV.  She cuddles and gives kisses.  The gray adult is very shy and hasn't come out from under the bed overhang yet.  She lets me pet her, but doesn't want to come out.

 This is the corner under the stairs in the atrium.  For some reason, it's a very popular spot for afternoon naps.  Usually it's Alex's, but today Ebony got there first.  You wouldn't think they'd want to sleep right next to the litter box, but they do, especially if they can lay on the blue plastic bag they like to play with.  Nothing but the best in cat toys at my house.  Daisy was sleeping on the other side of the litter box.  Go figure.


  1. We especially love the artistic flair shown in the first photo. :-D

    And the mom says it's a good thing that was a fake tree...When Annie was first adopted (and it was Chumley and Annie), the mom often would come home to find her live plants topped, earth ground into the beige carpet.

    For some reason we have only a couple of plants left in the house now....

  2. I do have artistic cats, don't I. I guess they learned it from me. And your mother's experience is why, my darling, that the few green things I have around here are fake. You guys get into too much trouble with real things.

  3. What a fun post. Never a dull moment at your house! LOL