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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Cute Cats

No theme today, just random picture I've taken of the cats around the house.  The first two are Trish, a foster.  I use empty cat food boxes as portable trash boxes when doing rounds.  I collect empty cans, paper towels, Q-tips, etc. room to room, dump the contents in the kitchen trash cans, and set the box on the counter to reuse next time.  Cats will make a bed out of anything, and Trish thought this box looked like the perfect size.  I know the feeling.  Like putting last year's spring slacks on in April.  
You got a problem?

Then, I had put a pile of clean laundry on the kitchen table to take downstairs the next time I went.  I knew better, I really did.  Five minutes later, fosters Zach and Fiona found their own bed.

 Speaking of barely fitting....this is Alex, another foster.  He's a year old and is one of my favorites.  He's 15 pounds of love.  Granted, the chair isn't all that wide, but if Alex was any larger, he'd have to curl up a little.  Yes, I still have pink chairs in the living room, but no new furniture as long as I'm fostering.  Probably not till John retires and we get that RV he talks about as our only home - NOT.  I'd need the whole thing for my sewing room.

Scotty likes to lay on the back of my recliner in the evenings
 Tonight he spent some time on the arm of John's sofa.  He was really sleeping like this.  When I took the picture, the flash or clicking woke him up.
He moved to a more comfortable position leaning against Daddy till Daddy got up to go to bed.  Scotty is such a sweet, sweet boy.  The only kittens I have running loose are Scotty, Fiona, Zach and Cody.  They've formed a gang and all run together - across the room, down the hall, up or down the stairs.  It's really funny to watch them when they're active during the evening.  One will run somewhere and the other three race after him - like a school of fish.  They're not so active during the afternoon.  Everybody is in, on, or under something for their naps.  Scotty seems to sleep a little more than the other kittens.  He certainly enjoys his naps.