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Monday, August 1, 2011

Cats in Odd Places

All cat owners know that cats get in the oddest places.  We take this for granted.  But some of you non-owners may be surprised with what they can come up with..  A couple months ago, Lilly got up on top of the canopy over the deck - three times that I know of.  Our open floor plan in the house has a series of ledges and tops of walls that don't go all the way to the cathedral ceiling that make excellent walking paths for the cats. They're about 10 ft. off the floor, and even the 3-mo-old kittens figure out how to do the counter, to top of china cabinet, to ledge, quickly after seeing the older ones do it.  It's the getting down part that is the amazing thing to watch.  Thud, thud, thud.  If we owned a bowling ball, I would think someone was dropping it down the stairs.  No, it's just a cat jumping down from the ledges in reverse order as they went up and in half the time.

Buster is about 10 feet off the floor napping on one of his favorite spots  The child's rocking chair on the right was my grandmothers.  Her parents gave it to her when she was eight years old in 1912.  It's about 100 years old.  I don't know if they bought it new or if it was used.  The cats can get to it, but I've never seen one lay in the chair.

Lilly is on the same ledge.  There used to be more stuff on top of the cabinets.  Very cute bird houses, greenery, etc.  All knocked over by very mysterious circumstances. 

I think this is Trish sunning herself on a windowsill.  There's also someone else laying on the right windowsill.  They go over to the sill on the far left, too.  The cats love doing this just because it makes me so nervous.  These sills are about 12 feet above the lower level floor.  Straight down.  We've heard several thuds coming from the patio door area right below this window, but have never seen anyone limping. They've also been known to walk on the railing on the far right.
 This is Xena on the deck, in the BBQ grill.  Cats don't worry about little things like hygiene.

 These are two kittens from last year, Cane and Reed.  I've posted this picture before, but couldn't resist a repeat.  These two were in my sewing room, but I couldn't find them.  They were under my sewing machine cover that I use to keep cats out.  And it works so well.


  1. Oh, boy...And I thought Nicki got into things and into places he shouldn't....LOL. The only saving grace for me is that my townhouse has standard 7 and 8 foot ceiling heights. :-P

  2. I KNOW! The Baby sleeps on the top shelf of the pantry and when she jumps down and lands on the washing machine I about come unglued from the THUMP!

  3. We love the 9' ceilings in our house, but it sure makes for long drops to the bottom. About a third of the main floor is hardwood. It makes cat landings sound even louder. When we have company over, they're constantly asking what that noise was, and we don't even hear it.