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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Minnie and Kittens, Disappearing Act

Minnie's kittens are 8 weeks old now and are just the most adorable, sweetest, cutest kittens ever.  They're also pretty smart for their age.  I went in their room a few nights ago and only counted three kittens out of five.  I looked in the closet and in the room.  There's not too many places to hide since the furniture and the bed are boarded up at the bottom.  I was completely stumped.  Then I heard scratching from under the bed.  Impossible!  Although they're kittens, they're big for their age at 2.5 pounds, and mom and I keep them quite well fed.  So, I thought there's no way anyone could be under the bed.  I moved the night stand away, got a flashlight, and saw a kitten in the gap by the headboard. 
I thought I had the night stand pushed up close enough to the bed.  Obviously not.
 When I called, one squeezed out next to the box springs - which is neither a box with solid corners nor has springs.  It may look a little strange because I have a fitted sheet over it for added protection from kittens.

 After the second one came out, I moved the night stand back, took another head count and came up with four. 

Moved the night stand away, and two more kittens came out!  Wait a minute.  Had four, got two more, that's six. 
  The little devils were coming out on the right side, running around the bottom of the bed and going back in on the other side.  It was like clowns coming out of the little car at the circus. 
 Using what I had at hand, I plugged the hole on the left with an extra pillow.  So far, so good. Max got in a couple times, but not the third time.
 On the right side, I used a rolled up towel for the corner, and slid a plastic tub lid down the side of the night stand to fill in the 1.5" of space that's evidently enough for a kitten to squeeze through.

It's been several days now and the head count has always totaled five.  I've always said it's hard to be smarter than a kitten.

These are the culprits. Max and Scotty are the only males.






Jules and Fiona

The kittens were so tired from all the running.  From the top are Max, Fiona, Mila, Jules, and Scotty.  Nobody was posed.  They did this all on their own.


Beautiful mom, Minnie, was watching her babies play.


  1. Kittens are able to find themselves into the most curious things. Blair was famous for doing that as a kitten.

  2. That is too funny! I really enjoyed reading about their antics!!