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Monday, October 17, 2011

Delcy's Milk Problem

A recent post told about Delcy and trying to get her very large boobs dried up.  The cabbage leaves worked while they were wrapped on her, but the problem, too much milk, came back.  I know all the websites and people who know say to separate mom from the babies so she dries up.  Poor Delcy was separated, but not drying up.  I felt so sorry for her and followed my gut instinct, and let her back in the room with her 8-week-old babies and two slightly older kittens.  It was the only way I knew to give her some immediate relief.  Well, the kittens sucked her dry in less than 5 minutes and she was flat as a pancake.  I've let her in to nurse several times and she is much better and seems to be drying up on her own.  She also loves being back with her kittens, and especially with Bridgette.  I know Bridgette has missed her, too.  They rub all over each other.

All you can see of Delcy is part of her head and an ear next to the white kitten, and one leg on the far right.


  1. I think Mother Nature often will work things out her own, no interference from humans required. :-)

    Glad things seem to be working out fine!

  2. So far, so good, Kim. Thanks. Hugs to your two handsome boys.

  3. I just got orders from the vet to separate Delcy from the kittens. One kitten was adopted tonight. No way four more will go tomorrow, so Delcy's out in the house and the kittens are in the bedroom.