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Monday, December 5, 2011

Bridgette Plays Hide and Seek

There's nothing unusual about the cats playing, it's who's playing.  Bridgette!  She was rescued from behind a grocery store eating out of a dumpster and spent months hiding under a bed.  One day she escaped from the room when I went in or out, and didn't hiss or growl at anyone loose in the house.  She was allowed to stay out, but never bonded with anyone except Delcy, her kittens, and other kittens in the same room.  Today, she actually PLAYED with the other cats.

Bridgette was laying under the quilt Lucy lays on.
 Meg came over and Bridgette grabbed her.
I don't think Meg expected that from Bridgette.  "What the.....?"
 Bridgette went behind the quilt.
 Delcy, her buddy, and Ebony came to see.
 Then Xena and Micky came.
 Micky and Cary checked things out. Bridgette's foot is barely sticking out of the quilt.

 Cary says, "I know she's under there!"

Lucy layed there the whole time, completely bored.

"She's gotta be?"

"I just know it!"
"There's her tail!  I told you she was here!"

 After that, Bridgette ran out from the other end of the quilt and rested by a scratching post.  But, Cary didn't see her.

 Poor little guy's still looking for her.


  1. Yay for Bridgette! Wow, that's terrific progress. LOL at Cary, though! Silly boy!

  2. I love Cary's bottom all flat! Hurrah for Bridgette--those torties can be so stubborn sometimes about friends.

  3. Barb-I love seeing Bridgette so happy (and so beautiful). She deserves some happiness, and you are giving it to her! Your house seems like a cat's dream.