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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tussle Training 101

The cats have been unusually playful the last few days when we've had gloomy days and on-off rain and drizzle.  I walked in on mom, Delcy, the black cat, wresting with her son, Cary, in the living room.  Mom was teaching her son how to protect himself if he ever got in a real fight.  All part of cat training and passing on the wisdom of millenia.  Here is some of Mom's Sage Advice.

If you pick a smaller opponent, you can keep him away with your legs.

If they're distracted, you can knock them over.
Now, we're going to practice headlocks.
Get on your back, grab them around the neck, and go for the belly or neck.

See, like this.
Not bad.

Well done, Grasshopper, but try to make it look less like cuddling.