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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt Word - JOY

I've found a website called the Saturday Photo Hunt.  It gives a particular word each Saturday, and people post a photo on their blog to represent that word.  The word for today is JOY, and this is my photo.  The kittens are from the same litter and were born at my house in August, 2011.  They're four weeks old here, but the adult, Bridgette, is not their mom, Delcy.  Delcy came to my house as a pregnant cat, and the only space I had available was in a room with Bridgette.  They quickly bonded and she became Aunt Bridgette after the kittens were born.  Bridgette really does smile in her photos.  Truly a joyful moment for all.

Pierce, Nita, Cary & Bridgette


  1. BIG smiles! I felt joyous just looking at the happy rounder-ful of felines.

  2. I'm glad you found the new Saturday PhotoHunt site.
    I hope y'all will continue to join in the fun!