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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lucy and Buster Sittin' in a Tree.......

I don't know about the weather in the rest of the world, but in Missouri we've had just the best weather I can imagine for January.  Sixty and sunny during the day, with a slight wind.  Perfect.  The cats have been allowed on the deck for several days.  Today I went out with them to read for a while.  I'm re-reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.  Almost halfway through the second book.  I love them just as much the second time.  Only Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and The DiVinci Code are higher on my list at #1 and #2.  I need to add a page to the side bar of my booklist.

For several years we've watched Buster, the cat, make advances toward Lucy.  It happens almost every day.  Buster rubs all over Lucy's face when she's laying on the floor.  Lucy looks embarrassed and eventually gets up and walks away.  I snapped a continual stream of pictures today on the deck and edited them down to a few.  Ebony, one of the black cats really likes Lucy, too. 

 Ebony is on the far left watching.

Some random pictures of the others.

Delcy pretending I can't see her.

Ebony and Xena

Xena, the Warrior Princess

Lilly and Lucy doing what they do best.
Meg and me.  Since I can't find sneakers with lights in adult sizes, the best I can do is neon laces. The shoe industry is really missing the boat by not making lighted shoes for adults.  And no one can tell me why.


  1. Wonderful photos, my favorite is the 5th one. So sweet!

    Our weather definitely is wintery, but not like we normally would have. We have a couple of cms of snow down, about an inch or so, and that's all right now. Very atypical for us. I'll take it!

  2. I absolutely love all of the new pictures. Bye bye cary grant..:0(