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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The "Light" Kitten

Light's future mom hasn't come up with a name for him, so he's still Light.  I let the three kittens out tonight for a while and Light made his way downstairs to the family room where John, Lucy and I were watching TV.  He can jump up on the sofa with no trouble and wasn't afraid of Lucy at all.  As you can see, quite the opposite.  All kittens (and cats eventually) love Lucy, and she loves them back. She's the perfect dog for a cat foster home.

"Are you my mama?"

"You ARE my mama!"


  1. Great photos - they're so adorable. One of my foster kittens escaped from the kitten room (they learned how to climb - darnit!) and my foster dog Tripoli decided to see how the kitten tasted. He didn't hurt the kitten at all, but the kitten definitely got a (probably unwanted) bath out of the deal. :-)