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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun Flower 9-Patch Quilts

I saw this in McCall's Quilting magazine, Jan-Feb '11 issue, HAD to have it and ordered the kit that day.  The fabric is the Fun Flower collection by Lakehouse Dry Goods.  The 57" sq. quilt was designed by Holly Holderman.   I love it!  It's like the fabric and quilt were designed just for me.  It's not quilted yet. I recently got a stitch regulator put on my Handiquilter longarm and will now be able to do some custom quilting on it instead of my usual all-over free motion. 
 Here's a close up of a corner so you can see the blocks.  The 9-patches were pieced, but the flowers are printed and cut from yardage.  The stripes and dots weren't printed straight at all, and I really had to work to cut the pieces crooked enough so the stripes and dots were straight.

With the beautiful leftover fabric, I designed and made a table runner.  I only had three of the large-printed flowers. I love how this turned out and wish I could use it on the table, but it would only be a cat bed. It just has basic stitch-in-the-ditch quilting done on my Bernina.  The thin pink border and the last black border were my own fabrics.   16"x37"

I still had fabric left over.  
The kit came with yardage for the borders, large flowers, and binding, but with 10" squares of the nine-patch fabrics.  I cut all the 10"squares into 2" squares and had lots of little squares left over.  I was tired of making 9-patches, so I made 4-patches and framed them in black. I found a multi-colored fabric that went very well as the alternate block, and a stripe that rocked.  I set it off with a half inch black border and 6 inches of hot pink.  It's an optical illusion that the black-framed blocks don't appear to be touching at the corners and are smaller than the solid alternate blocks.  Trust me, they're all the same 5" finished size.

This will be a little girl's baby quilt for the next one born into the family.  I've never had a baby quilt done ahead of time, before.  I like it.   47" x 57"  I'd like to get a little boy quilt made up next for my nephew.

This quilt took 32 black-framed blocks. I still have 22 black-framed blocks left, and am planning to use a white with multi-colored dots in it for the alternate block for a very graphic look.  Just to change it up a little.  It'll have a smaller center and will need an extra border or two.


  1. Barb - you have been busy. I love the quilts and the table runner turned out great. Good job. Can't wait to see them in person.


  2. I really love each of the projects you did with these fabrics!