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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Kitten Nursery

Last December I knew it was time for a designated kitten nursery.  I needed to take up the carpet in one of the bedroom closets, and put down vinyl for obvious reasons.  The first picture is after the carpet was taken up exposing the plywood flooring.  When I laid the vinyl over the plywood, I could see the grain and depressions of the wood showing in the vinyl.  Not acceptable, even in a kitten closet.  I needed just a little something to fill in the depressions.  Something like batting.  I ran downstairs and cut a length of thin Hobbs 80/20 batting (only quilters will know what this is), laid it down, smoothed and trimmed to size, then laid the vinyl over that.  No glue for the babies, but it worked perfectly.  Just a little cushion and probably a little warmth.

The second picture is with the vinyl down and quarter round along the baseboard.  It was the lightest and smoothest that Lowes had.  The closet looks much narrower in the picture than it really is.
 This is the current room.  Two sets of shelves hold almost all of my foster supplies like towels, sheets, food, dishes, meds, collars, cleaning supplies and paperwork.  The shelves are blocked off at the bottom with cardboard so the babies can't get stuck anywhere.  The cardboard box and green towel on the right is the birthing box.  Sprinkles and babies are in the green cat bed on the left.  Food and litter boxes round out the necessities.  I love it.  Messes can be cleaned up easily.  There's a broom and dustpan just inside the door so litter can be swept up quickly.


  1. Wow, well done! That's a big closet, perfect for a nursery.

    Uh, could I borrow you for some renos in my townhouse? :-)

  2. What a wonderful idea! I'm looking for an apartment as we speak and was wondering how I could work a foster into a one bedroom place but a walk-in closet is a great idea.

  3. Very cool, nursery. Why aren't there any kitty wallhangings in there?

  4. This is great! We're getting ready to put some vinyl down in one of the bedrooms at the new house. It will be the "cat room" for foster cats. We're also planning to put it just on the plywood floor... I never thought about putting something underneath. Good idea!