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Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm Back, Sort Of

Everything seemed to go well with my surgery.  I don't remember most of what happened.  They shot the happy juice in  my IV and I was in twilight.  I remember someone asking me if I had any pain, no, and that they were about halfway through the surgery.  That was strange, because I couldn't see anything.  They'd put a patch over my left eye to protect it, but I couldn't see out of my right eye.  I still haven't figured that out. 

I can't believe I'm posting my picture.  I couldn't use any mousse or gel on my hair, no moisturizer, but I was still okay from last night's application, and no make up, which was not a problem.

I CAN see.  Whatever padding they put over my eye to keep it closed isn't keeping it closed anymore.  I can see the white pad and feel that my eyelid is open.  My glasses are wonky over the patch, but I'm adapting.  I may even try to sew later.  If my glasses are in the right place, I can read my Kindle fine.  Watching TV is good, too.  And no problem eating.  Life is pretty good, considering.  I feel much better about having the surgery.  For the two days before, I didn't know whether to puke or have diarrhea.

John takes the patch off tomorrow to put some drops in several times a day.  The patch stays on until my doctor's appt on Tuesday;  I didn't have to keep my eyes down for 24 hours.  My only restrictions are no bending or lifting anything over 20 pounds, which sounds like a lot.  If I pick up a kitten, I'll have to squat down to do it.  Fortunately, all the babies seem to be doing well without bottle feeding.  Kind of sad, because I do love to bottle feed kittens.

I'll try for kitten pictures tomorrow.


  1. Glad to hear surgery went well. Now, for a speedy recovery - those kittens need you!

  2. Very glad to read that things went well, Barb. Purrs from the boys for a speedy recovery!

  3. I am glad to hear things went went!

  4. Great talking to you, you sounded wonderful. Keep recovering! Can't wait to see you

  5. Good for you! I'm so happy for you. Make sure you rest--anesthesia is hard on your body.

  6. Yikes, Barb! Take care of yourself.