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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cats Just Hangin' on the Deck

A few weeks ago when we had that day and a half of spring, the cats and I spent a lot of time on the deck.  I was reading, and they were doing even less than that. In no particular order are:

Lilly and Amy
 Lilly and Amy are doing what Lilly and Amy do best.

Ebony and Lilly

Lucy has several of my daughter's stuffed animals that she has adopted as her own.  She carries them around all over the house and greets people at the door with them - after she has charged at the glass door barking in attack mode and jumped on said glass door, still barking.  It's no wonder the delivery men practically throw my packages onto the porch.  But, once you're inside the house, you're her best friend and are only there to play with her.  Even the good dogs have their issues.

Buster and Daisy

I went in to get the camera and lost my lounge chair in two seconds.  Ebony is my very favorite foster.  She is just the sweetest cat EVER. She would love it if I just held her all day long.  Lilly is in the background.

Xena certainly lives up to her name.  She's fearless, will try anything, and will be the first to do it.  I can't believe she hasn't tried to see how long it would take her to fall to the ground - and be faster than anyone else trying it.

Buster isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's a sweetie.  And he loves me, but not as much as he loves Lucy.  You should see him rubbing on her.  It's so embarrassing for Lucy, she gets up and moves.   Daisy is Lilly's sister, but is a little shy.  She has the same gorgeous orange and gray tortie coat.

Amy is a sweetie, too.  She always comes over to give us rubs. She's always in the kitchen if I'm in there.  Well, everyone's in the kitchen if I'm in there.  They're all hoping for drops, spills, and handouts.  Lilly has learned she can grab four or five bites of my granola in the morning before I get the blueberries and milk on it.

Part of Amy's bottom lip is missing, so all her pictures look like she's smiling. She's a gorgeous cat, too.

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