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Monday, February 6, 2012

Batik Strip Quilts

A friend asked if I'd make her a lap quilt from batik fabrics.  Batiks are awesome fabrics hand dyed in Indonesia and are simply gorgeous with a definite tropical look. 

Not knowing what pattern she'd like, I decided I'd just cut 2.5" strips and sew them together like I had several times in the past.  For non-quilters, we call it stripping.  I always cut too many pieces and ended up getting three lap quilts out of the strips.  I put green borders on two and a blue border on the third. 

OMG, I love them!  I think I'll cut all my fabric into strips and make these for the rest of my life.  After decades of making meticulously perfect and exact quilts, it's so liberating to just sew strips together and have a quilt. Mindless sewing, but they look great.  They do have a bottom border.  The quilts are too long for the picture. The second one looks just like this one.  They're 58" x 78".

A closer look.

Saturday at adoptions, another foster mom asked if I'd make a lap quilt for her mother who's going to have chemotherapy soon.  What a great comfort for mom when she feels so bad.  I had made her daughter a batik quilt for her bed last year, so she knew what the fabrics looked like.  When I told her I had a couple done, she quickly said she'd take the blue bordered one. 

This one's not quilted, yet, but I have a customer's quilts on the frame and will do this one in a couple days.  It also has a bottom border.

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