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Monday, June 11, 2012

Kittens Named

It was very hard to give names to the orange kittens.  I couldn't think of eight name I liked, and there aren't TV shows or movies that have five girls and three boys as leads.  So I picked several of my favorites.

The orange kittens, three boys and five girls are Callan, Deeks, Julius (his new mom named him), Kensi, Nell, Hetty (NCIS:LA) and Jane and Maura (Rizolli and Isles).  After 150 cats and kittens, you look for names anywhere you can find them.  Callan, Julius, Nell, and Maura have been adopted. is Jane.  The basket was just something laying around the house and got played with.  It ended up in a kitten room and has become a favorite toy.  The handle is only attached on one side, now.

 Jane, again.  Her hair is a little longer and she's a little more red.

Mama Elsa with her seductive come hither look.


I've named the Tent City orphans, two girls and one boy, Abby, Ziva, and Gibbs (NCIS).  Abby is the calico in back, Gibbs is the gray tabby in front, and Ziva is the tortie on the right.

  Jane and Hetty.
 Abby being her cute adorable self.
Ziva on the recliner.  Ziva's tummy is shaved because she, Abby, and Gibbs got their package last week and are now available for adoption.  

Kensi and Gibbs playing.

Ziva playing with the ever-popular basket.



Abby in back and Gibbs in front.


  1. Oh my gosh - so many darling little kittens! I just love them all, but I'm very partial to those tabby boys. I have gotten my kitty fix for the afternoon so thank you for that! :)

  2. Thanks for my kitten fix too. They're all adorable, precious little ones, no matter what their names.

  3. So cute!! I want a ginger one. Maybe someday. Some day, the adopters will probably wonder why their cat has a thing for baskets! So fun, thanks for sharing the cute kittens.

  4. If I needed a kitty, I would adopt all of them just because of how you named them. I love both those NCIS shows too and never miss them. This could make for some funny conversations like "is that Gibbs wrestling with Hetty?? ha

  5. Omg! Abby looks just like my cat Widget!!!!! If abby was older and fatter, they would be twins!!!!