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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Weekend Company

I found the following partial blog marked as a draft, meaning I hadn't finished and published it.  This goes way back to Memorial Day weekend in May.  Sorry.

I was planning on having weekend guests Memorial weekend.  My brother, Steve, and his wife Judy, drove up from Dallas, stopped in Chester to see our mom, then to my house on Thursday evening.  It was wonderful seeing them again.  Friday morning at 6:30 Judy got a call that her sister's son was in a car accident in Oklahoma.  He was driving at 3am with his buddy and both their girlfriends on a country gravel road and hit a tree.  The girl in the back seat wasn't wearing her seat belt, went through the front windshield and was killed.  The nephew has a fractured neck but they don't think he'll be paralyzed, but one of his arms is badly damaged.  The guy in the backseat was okay, but the girl in the front seat was hurt pretty bad.  The first cop on the scene didn't get a pulse on her and left her for dead, but she came to a while later.

Steve and Judy were just coming up the stairs Friday morning when I got up about 8:30.  He was taking her to the airport for a flight to Oklahoma.  What a scary day for her.  Steve stayed here, packed up some of mom's furniture and things in a U-Haul and left for OK Saturday morning.  In one of his updates, Judy hadn't slept more than an hour in almost two days.  As of last night, the nephew was to be released - last night!  He'll have surgery on his arm next week.  I guess it takes more than an fractured neck and a severely lacerated arm to get to stay more than two days in a hospital!

My heart goes out to Judy, her sister, her poor nephew and all the kid and families involved.  I just can't imagine what that's like.

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  1. Oh, Barb, I'm so, so sorry. Purrs and universal Light to all. There's really nothing I can write that isn't a cliché. :-(