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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Madeline, Shari, and Kittens

On a happier Memorial weekend note, Madeline came up Friday for the weekend, too. for a grandson's baseball tournament and stayed here.  She wanted to sleep with kittens, so I put the three orphans, Abby, Ziva, and Gibbs, in her room, but they didn't get on the bed and sleep with her.  But she had plenty of kittens to play with. 

This wasn't the first time Elsa or the kittens had been out of the room.  At least two kittens escape and run down the hall every time I go in the room.  But, this was the first time I opened the door intentionally.  Bizarre!  Nobody wanted to come out.
 Lucy wanted to see what was going on.  There was some hissing at first, but after five minutes, the kittens ignored her.
 At this point, nobody had a name except the fluffy buff boy.  His future mom named him Julius.

 The calico is Abby, and is spoken for.


Then, Sunday, one of John's patients brought over a stray cat they found a couple weeks ago.  It was very friendly and got along with her dog and other cat and slept with her last night.  The only available room was Madeline's.  So, while she was gone to another ballgame Sunday afternoon, Wanda and Jim brought the cat over that they'd named Shari.  Madeline's door had been opened for a few hours and had the three orphans and four of the orange kittens playing in it.

Shari was pretty scared being around seven rowdy kittens, so I put all the orange kids away in their own room.  The three orphans are a couple weeks younger and much quieter than the oranges, so they got to stay.  

I'd never see a cat like Shari before and thought she was a very oddly-marked cat.  After showing her picture to Cheri and Lisa, they said she was a Snowshoe.  It's a Siamese mix and they have four white feet.  Wanda and Jim had put up signs all around their neighborhood for Shari because they knew she was someone's pet.  She was very friendly, got along with their two cats, and smelled like baby powder.  Nobody called about her in two weeks.  I had her tested (negative) and no chip or spay scar was found.  She'll go in next week for that and then will be available for adoption.

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  1. How they've grown! It's been a while since I've seen pics, I almost forgot how many were in the litter. LOL.

    Poor Shari, she looks like a sweetie. I wonder if her humans moved and she somehow got out/away. We'll all cross fingers and paws for a wonderful forever home for her, if her original humans don't track her down. And of course that all the kittens and mom find fabulous homes too!