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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Introducing Brenna and Her Kittens

When Erin at the Warrenton Animal Control called and asked if I could take a mom and her three babies who didn't have their eyes open yet, I couldn't say no - especially when she told me mom was a gray tabby and the babies were white.

Well, according to my cat ID book, mom is a silver classic tabby (with a bit a tan here and there, and some spots) and the hairs are tipped (lighter at the ends).  The classic tabby has the swirl on each side.  She is truly a stunning cat. And very friendly, too.

 And then there's the gorgeous, fabulous, stunningly beautiful cream lynx point kittens.  Lynx point means their ears, legs, and tail are a little darker than the body.  I've never had all cream kittens before.  They're!

 One's eyes opened yesterday, and all three had open eyes today, so they're about 11 days old today.  I've looked for slight identifying marks, and there are none.  These are triplets.  Just kidding.  I don't even know if kittens come in triplets, but they sure are carbon copies of each other.  Colored collars will definitely be needed.  Now, I can only tell them apart by their weight.  The porker is at the bottom, the middle one is in the middle, and the top one is the runt.

This is my second rescue of cats and/or kittens from a wooded area by the Warrenton high school.  Brenna is definitely not feral and was somebody's pet.  I won't start preaching about keeping cats inside and never letting them out so bad things won't happen to them.  The best thing that could happen, did.  Brenna's safe, warm, fed, and loved.  It will take some special people to be able to adopt these cuties.

 I can't help but wonder if a little girl is crying and missing her beloved cat.  Is a family wondering what happened to their pet?  Then, I can't help but wonder why the hell they would let the cat outside in the first place!!!  And not have her spayed!  If if wasn't for stupid people, I wouldn't have a job.  But, I'm not going to preach about it. Time to make the evening rounds.  It takes a lot longer to scoop, feed and play when kittens are involved.  Do I have a great life, or what?  Remind me I said this when I've got 8 or 10 on meds for colds and diarrhea.


  1. Oh, look at those precious little ones! Of course I would gravitate to the runt, I always do, or to the sickly ones.

    The mom is such a pretty tabby too.

    Purrs to them all and oh, bless you for fostering!

  2. They are cuties, i cant thank you enough for taking them in for us.

  3. I have to agree whole heartedly, I so wanna preach when I hear that people don't neuter their Cats. I have just taken a Mum cat, to the adoption centre that I fostered, her kittens went last week, She was found in someones shed in the garden.

    those babies are so cute!!