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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sasha and Her Kittens at Five Weeks

A few days ago, I started Sasha's kittens on a mixture of canned kitten food and formula.  Over the years I've learned that a large shallow bowl to feed kittens any liquid food is guaranteed to end in disaster.  Kittens have to stand in it to eat it.  Plain and simple.  I found sets of four of these little plastic bowls and bought two sets.  They're perfect for introducing canned food.  No dirty feet.  No food tracked all over the floor.  I don't even have to have a bowl for each kitten.  They don't all eat at the same time, anyway.

Last week I agreed to take a mom and her three newborn kittens from the Warrenton Animal Control.  I've taken quite a few of their animals and they've all been wonderful cats.  However, this meant changing rooms for almost everybody here.  In four days, I cleaned three cat rooms and the nursery closet and moved everyone.  Gemma and Gina and kids went to a bedroom vacated by Madison, who went back to her original foster mom.  Sasha and family only got to enjoy sharing my room a few days before being moved to the downstairs office where they have much more room.  Tasha and Wallie who had been in there were adopted by a wonderful couple, so Ben was the only one in the office.  I moved him to my room, and the Warrenton mom, Brenna, went into the nursery.  There will be a test later.

Mom is showing the kittens how a scratching post works.

 "Hey, look, another box."

 "Let's see if there's anything good in there?"

 "No, just an empty box."

 I think there's more kitten than mom, now.

 The kittens are playing with toys before 5 weeks of age.  There's pompom balls all over the place for them.

Pompoms and my slipper ties.  The kittens don't mind that my slippers are butt ugly and from Walmart, but they're the only slippers I could find that had a back to them.  I don't want scuffs or clogs, I want a SHOE.  But, they never leave a cat room still tied.

 "Oooh, a big orange one."

 "Look, Mom, a big orange one!"    "That's nice, Dear.  Go play with your sisters."

 "My ball, my fuzzy tail.  Back Off!"

"Yeah, I'm really scared.  Take that and stuff your pompom."


  1. For some reason this post didn't show up in Reader yesterday, or Feedly (on the Fuzzy Tales account) today.

    I'm glad I got to see it now! Honestly, there's nothing more adorable than a kitten...except several kittens. :-)