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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Kitten Season!

How quickly things can happen in fostering.  I took 3 cats up to Petsmart Saturday morning for adoptions and brought 7 home.  A lady brought these 3 kittens in to us that she had been bottle feeding for 2 weeks, ever since their mother got hit by a car and died.  The kittens were so adorable (is there a kitten that isn't?) and, since they weren't black or gray, I quickly volunteered to take them.  They're bigger than the 4-week-old kittens, so are probably about 5 to 5 1/2 weeks old.  No names yet, just Light, Medium, and Dark.

Then, a couple hours later, a construction worker brought in a male kitten about 2 weeks old that he found on a site.  He heard a noise and discovered one kitten under some debris.  Nobody had seen any adult cat, so he brought it to us.  Since I had two nursing moms at home, I got the baby in hopes he'd be accepted by one of them.  I took him in Kylie's room and held him so she could sniff him.  She didn't seem to want any part of him and started a low growl.  I took him into Amy's room and she accepted him immediately.  He was very hungry, too.  He's second from the left with his white foot highest on mama.  Amy's babies are 10 days old and their eyes are starting to open.  The new baby is bigger with eyes wide open, so I estimate he's 2 to 3 weeks old.  He's pretty adorable, too.


  1. Hi! I came over from Dog Foster Mom's blog. :-)

    I'm sitting here reading the posts and getting teary-eyed, so grateful these momma cats and kittens have you--kudos and thank you for all your fostering!

    I haven't fostered, though my cats are shelter adoptees and I do have a co-worker who fosters occasionally.

    If you haven't already added your blog/post link to the Cat Blogosphere Linkys, you might want to consider that. You'll get good exposure by linking on the CB!

    -Kim, with Annie, Nicki, Derry and "angel" Chumley (we are in southeastern Ontario, Canada and our blog is Fuzzy Tales)

  2. Hi--We saw you on Dog Foster Mom. I still can't believe you have so many tiny kittens in your home; that must take a lot of patience and dedication. It's so great you've been able to help so many animals.

  3. Hi we saw you over at Dog Foster Mom's blog too! We are so glad that the kitties all found you - and you are so wonderful to help them out! Our friends daughter took in a pregnant cat and is fostering the kittens (we are taking 2 when they are old enough, and their mom is keeping two, and they are keeping 2 plus the mom). We know how tough it is with one litter - that you are helping so many is just incredible and wonderful. I wish I could foster (but I cry when the fosters I follow on blogs go - I can't imagine having them in person) and I just love everyone who has the ability to do so - thank you so much for helping these little guys!! I agree with Kea - you should stop by the Cat Blogosphere, and also there are a couple other foster blogs I know of (Love and Hisses, Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, Pitter Pats of Baby Cats, The Adventures of Space Paws, and Covered in Cat Hair come to mind but I know there are more too) you might want to visit - they are great for letting people know about other foster blogs, and the more who know about them the easier it can be to find them good homes!!

  4. Hi! Came over from the Dog Foster Mom and had to check out the foster kittys! OMG! I love Light Medium and Dark and the new baby! OH!
    If we had the space I would totally want to do what youre doing...maybe not with so many, but at least one litter!
    You are great for what you do to help these kittys!

  5. Hi Barb! Laura told me you started a blog while she and Jason were up here visiting. Glad to see all these people are getting a glimpse of the great work you are doing. I don't see any pictures of quilts yet, though. :) Keep up the good work, you crazy cat lady!

    Love Sallie - your "other daughter"