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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Rest of the Fosters

The black cat is my wonderful foster, Seamus. He's about 1 1/2 years old. He was adopted out for a year until his mom got a divorce and dumped him at the Humane Society in Maryland Heights. Don't these people know all of our animals are microchipped! She made me go all the way there to get him. Even after all that time, he's still the same quiet, sweet boy I raised. Seamus was pretty sick as a kitten and was pooping his little heart out, but we got it under control and he's been growing ever since. He still loves to chase the other cats through the house and wrestle. He wrestles hard, too, but the others don't seem to mind.
Daisy is the gorgeous torbie in front.  Her coloring is a cross between a tortie and a tabby. She's about 7 months old and is very shy. She's getting better, but will need a very patient person to love and adopt her, preferably with no young children. I also have her brother, Toby, and even more gorgeous sister, Lilly.

Lilly is getting an early start on her tan this season and enjoying the great spring weather.

I adopted a brother and sister pair of kittens from Heartland 3 years ago and kept stopping by Petsmart on Saturdays when the group is there for adoptions and telling their foster mom how great they were doing. She eventually asked if I'd ever thought of being a foster mom. I was hooked. I've had over 60 fosters in the last 2.5 years, but never adopted any - came close, but never did. Until Lilly. She is the sweetest, cuddliest and
most loving cat ever. She talks to me and answers me when I talk to her. The possibility of someone else raising her is not an option. I'm adopting Lilly myself. If I knew I'd still have a home when John found out, I'd adopt her brother, Toby, too. What a charmer, and just as sweet as Lilly. They both lay on my chest and neck every night while we're watching TV and take a nap.

All the flower pots on the deck were being used by the other cats, so Toby rested inside.  He's just the perfect cat.  Friendly, lovable, and cuddly.  Mr. Personality.

Daisy is Lilly and Toby's sister, the shy one.

This is Trevor. He's about 10 months old with very soft medium-length hair. Trevor's another sweetie.  His best friend is Seamus, and they wrestle constantly.  If anyone is in the market for a pair of cats, they couldn't do better than Trevor and Seamus.

Here Trevor's grooming himself while laying on the deck in the sun.  Ah, the life of a cat.

Seamus is Trevor's best friend, but Seamus also loves everybody.  He plays with all the cats and kittens and is very laid back and easy going.  He does like to play kind of rough when he wrestles, but there's no growling or sounds of any kind and the other cats don't complain.

Seamus and Trevor doing their favorite thing - playing together on the deck in the sun.

Daisy, Seamus, and Trevor on the deck.  I've noticed lately that Daisy is spending a lot of time with Seamus.  She even jumped up on the recliner footrest tonight to lay next to Seamus, who was laying between my feet.  I hope this means she's loosing some of her shyness.

Not that I'm biased or anything, but I have some wonderful fosters who are waiting for the perfect family to adopt them.


  1. Barb, love your blog. You have found a home, kittens, quilting, and writing. Keep it going. Nice to see you on Tuesday. Let me know what you thought of my small painted quilts!! Linda R