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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Cat Ladder

Our foster mom, Angie, who is moving to Boston, was cleaning out her garage and thought I might be able to use this cat tree that her girl scout troop had made from an old wooden ladder. Isn't it awesome? It didn't take long for my guys to use and enjoy it. We've even had "words" about who gets to be on the top. Size does matter.

The one on top is Tony, now Speedbump, who was adopted out a few weeks ago, but I'm catsitting for him while his dad is on vacation. Tony was only gone for two weeks before he came back, so it's like he never left. I have another week to enjoy him. His new dad, Mike, is so in love with him, and calls me weekly to give me reports about how wonderful he is and what funny things he does. He says Bump follows him around like a little puppy. I love it!

The next one down is Trevor. Toby is jumping to the floor. What you can't see is two more cats on the bottom platform.

Thanks, Angie. It's a hit.
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  1. Wow what a cool cat tree and what a great idea too! It looks like they totally adore it!!