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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jack, Jill & Sonny

Light, Medium and Dark are now Sonny, Jack, and Jill.  They get their package (testing, shots, microchip and spay/neuter) on Tuesday.  Being the oldest of the foster kittens, they've been allowed out of their room the last few days, and have loved every minute of their freedom.  All three found John a very comfortable place to take an evening nap.  When I reached for the camera, Sonny woke up and changed positions, but Jack, in front, was zonked out.  They'd all been running around for several hours.

Earlier, I found Jack snuggled next to a foster, Trevor, in one of the cat beds.  Before you think that my poor cats have to sleep in itty bitty beds, they have a couple dozen places to lay in the family room alone, but Trevor chose the little kitten bed.  I can't imagine that's a comfortable sleeping position, but he doesn't seem to mind.  Jack is cleaning his paw.

Sonny was waiting for Lucy to come in from outside.  Lucy can get out, but we can't because of the downed tree.  The ground is so soggy, we can't get out there to cut anything up, so we have no reason to go outside, anyway.  Makes for an interesting view, though, to see the door full of green.


  1. Yep, it's obvious that your foster cats are mistreated - giving them such tiny beds to sleep in - why next thing you know, they'll be sleeping in boxes instead of beds! Oh wait... those are my cats that like to sleep in boxes instead of beds. Nevermind.

    I was sorry to read about your tree in your previous post - that's too bad!

  2. Good luck to Sonny, Jack and Jill at the vet on Tuesday. A big day for them!

    I don't even have kitty beds for my crew. I'm always tempted but figure they'd never use them. They have tons of blankets and kitty tents and condos, though. :-)

  3. Oh those are such adorable pictures!! And it is always funny when big cats like the tiny beds!

    It is too bad about the tree - it does make the view seem kind of interesting though!

  4. Spelling test or you kidding me....get a life lady..go quilt.............

  5. It's: Spelling test? ARE you kidding me? I rest my case.