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Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Kittens From Elsa Yet

Today is Saturday.  I've had Elsa, my pregnant cat, for 16 days, now.  Sixteen days longer than I thought she'd be pregnant when I got her.  I check her back end 8 to 10 times a day with a flashlight for a sign the birth canal is getting bigger.  So far, no change at all.  She will let me touch her belly if I go slowly, but she doesn't like for me to touch her butt, and will rabbit kick my arm and hand with her back feet.  She's even teethed me quite often when I've gotten too close.  I can't blame her.  She feels like a beached whale, was taken from her home, even though it wasn't a good home, and given to a strange lady in a strange house with clean floors, clean beds, clean water, no-grain cat dry food and good canned food every day.  I do have to say that Elsa is adapting quite well.

I've put a chair next to the bed so she can jump on it and then onto the bed.  She likes to lay next to me and have her head rubbed.

I check her every few hours and have figured out that if I use a wooden back scratcher with a little curved hand at the end to lift her leg up when she's laying down, that she lets me check her with no kicking or biting.  Go figure.  Now, THAT would be a picture.  John can take one tomorrow.

With her belly shaved, I can now see the kittens moving.  On her back seems to be the most comfortable way for her to lay.

My niece, Brooke, spent Wed to Sat here waiting on kittens with me.  She went home today very disappointed.
 Elsa looks so uncomfortable.  She's waddling instead of walking.  When she goes from the bedroom carpet to the closet vinyl, her feet splay out and she has a hard time getting her footing to walk.

She also has this habit of walking between my legs and following each of my feet when I take each step.  So she's weaving left, right, left, right.  If I don't walk very slowly and carefully, I'll step on her or trip over her with every step I take.

On the left is Elsa a couple days ago.  On the right is her today.  I don't know how she can get any bigger.  The skin over her belly is very tight.


  1. Oh MY, Pour Elsa. I hope all her babies make it. It would be sad to think she had to endure all this discomfort and loose any. Hopefully she will have them before the month is out.

  2. Oh, dear....We can only imagine how uncomfortable she is. We're crossing our paws for healthy kittens SOON!