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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bridgette and Kittens

This is Bridgette in a bed with 3 of Delcy's 4 babies.  Cary, the gray tux in front, Pierce, the black tux on the left, and Nita, the tortie in back.  And look at that smile.  She really does smile. This has to be one of my all-time favorite photos, especially when you know they aren't her kittens. Delcy doesn't mind sharing the kittens.  She's at the stage where she's getting tired of them and spends a lot more time on the other side of the barricade across the closet door.

Two months ago Bridgette was a feral cat in a colony, eating out of a dumpster in back of Straubs grocery store in west county St. Louis. Nita Savage is rescuing the colony and brought the first two she was able to trap to my house. The tortie laying on Bridgette's back is named after her.  Bridgette was pretty thin and is filling out a lot. The other cat, Mia, was adopted by my sister.

Bridgette rubs on my leg and lets me pet her, but I can't pick her up yet.  That's okay.  These things take a while with feral cats.  I'm happy she jumps on the bed and lays next to my legs.  She's really fond of Delcy's kittens and almost treats them like her own.

The black and white tuxedo will be adopted by one of the ladies, Betsy, who was feeding Delcy when she was a stray.  The other lady, Barb, is adopting little Stewart.  Both ladies are awesome, and I feel so lucky that they're adopting two of my kittens.


  1. Does it get any cuter than that? I think not. So precious!