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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update of Delcy and Kittens

Delcy's kittens are two and a half weeks old now.  Hard to believe that in a week, I'll cut the door of their birthing box open and they'll be running around the nursery.  I'll have to put a piece of cardboard across the doorway to the room so the others can go in and out to eat and use the litter box, but the babies can't go out.  Litter box training will start next week, too, but they'll stay in the nursery on the vinyl for a couple more weeks until I'm sure I won't be cleaning up spots on the bedroom carpet.

I'm so overrun with fosters right now that Delcy had to go into the nursery/bedroom with a semi-feral adult cat, Bridgette, and four other kittens, Micky, Davy, Colin, and Stewart.  Delcy and four kittens doubled the population.  I know we're supposed to keep everybody separate and segregated to prevent the spread of disease, but sometimes that's just a nice concept.  We do have everyone tested for leukemia and aids before we mix them, and deworm and spray for fleas as soon as they get in the house - or car if we pick them up.

Bridgette, my semi-feral cat, got along very well with the other kittens, but I was worried about her getting along with another adult cat, especially a pregnant cat.  Turns out they get along great - even greater than great.

Delcy, her kittens, Stewart, and Bridgette
Which One of These Isn't Like the Other?  The white kitten amid the sea of black is Stewart. He and his brother, Colin, have been taking advantage of having a buffet whenever they want.  Delcy doesn't seem to mind a couple more kittens to feed.  Since Stewart and Colin are eating canned and dry food, they only nurse a little bit.  Bridgette and Delcy have become so close, neither one wants to be more than a few feet from the other.  It's a little strange.  Bridgette has also become much friendlier the past week.  She rubs on my legs, lets me pet her, and I can even pick her up, now. Even more strange.

Colin, Micky and Davy
This is the rest of the group.  Colin and Micky in the striped bed, and Davy in the pink bed.

Nursery with Colin, Micky, and Davy.
Colin is walking to the bed with Micky, while Davy is in the other bed.  Colin's brother, Stewart is in the birthing box with Delcy, her kittens, and Bridgette.  It really is a remarkable multi-generation cat colony.  Two unrelated adult females and three different litters of kittens. And everybody is very happy, healthy and content.  You can't ask for more than that - well, a dozen adoptions would be nice.


  1. I really think if I were in your area, I'd be taking Colin and Stewart. I'm so in love with them! :-)

    But we have so many cats and kittens here needing homes that when or if I'm ready to adopt again, I won't have to look far.

    I'll have the boys send purrs for all your fosters to find wonderful forever homes.

    BTW, I really like the name "Delcy." Has a great ring to it, flows nicely.

  2. Hello! I'm Betsy Summers, one of Barb Schillinger's neighbors who helped lure in Delcy w/o knowing she was pregnant! In addition to helping sponsor Delcy, my family would like to adopt one of her kittens. Barb S. is going to call you soon to see if we can come see them and maybe pick one. Thanks for all your do...I'm glad to see that our little black mama is happy & healthy.