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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Todd and Winnie are Adopted

It was a pretty good day at Petsmart today.  We adopted out four cats, and two of them were mine.  Siblings Todd and Winnie went to a very nice lady, Billie, who came to the store ready to adopt two siblings, but she didn't want them to look alike.  She had looked at some of the other cute kittens, but when she got to my crates, Todd and Winnie caught her eye immediately. They certainly met her wishes that they not look alike.  Todd is a short-haired orange tabby, and Winnie is a medium-haired gray tortie.  Since I've had them and their mom since they were 2 days old, I know they're really siblings.

I told Billie all about them being swimmer kittens, and she was fine with it.  When they were several weeks old, they weren't walking like they should and were scooting around on their bellies.  Their legs were straight out to the sides like they were swimming.  Their muscles were weaker and couldn't support their weight.  Over the next few weeks, with lots of exercise, they improved a lot.  At just under four months old, you can barely tell that anything was wrong.  There's a little wiggle to their walk, but you have to be looking carefully.  They run everywhere, climb up the cat trees, jump off the cat trees, and run up them again.  They wrestle like kids.  Todd is a little shyer than Winnie, so I'm very happy they could stay together.

This is Todd and Winnie before they had names and were just the orange one and the gray one. They were and are two adorable kittens.

Todd and Winnie