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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Colin and Stewart

My good foster friend Cheri called me on my cell phone shortly after I'd gotten home from adoptions at Petsmart a few weeks ago.  She asked if I was home (I was) and she'd be right over - and she hung up.  This didn't sound good.  She arrived a few minutes later with a carrier.  I said that better be empty.  She said something about me knowing better.  Inside were two kittens about 2-3 weeks old.  One was white and one was gray and white.  A lady brought them into the store just as Cheri was leaving and literally shoved the kittens into her hands and left.  Now, I've got a ton of fosters, but Cheri has more, and I am never competing for Most Fosters.  But, OMG, can they get any cuter?

Stewart and Colin
The white one is Stewart and the gray one is Colin.

I bottle fed them for a couple weeks, then introduced them to canned food mixed with formula and rice baby cereal.  Then added some  Royal Canin BabyCat dry with the formula, then put out a bowl of the dry food alone and gave them a bottle once a day, which got them over the yellow formula poop.

Since Bridgette, Micky, and Davy were already in the bedroom/nursery, two more kittens didn't seem like much more, but I'd been so spoiled by having moms for the last few litters of kittens that I'd forgotten how much work bottle feeding is.  But, we all three survived and Stewart and Colin are now the big brothers to Delcy's kittens.