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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meg Misses Her Kittens

I know cats grieve.  I've seen it when a litter mate, parent, or kitten is adopted and is just gone in one day.  The one or ones left behind really do miss them.  Meg is the mom of Todd and Winnie who were adopted yesterday.  They were her only kittens.

Meg's always been a talker, just meowing and meowing like she's really got something important to say.  Wish I knew what it was.  But, today she's been especially talkative.  Looking at me and talking away.  Rubbing on John (she likes John a lot) and talking away.  Today, I think I know what she's saying.  She wants to know where her babies are.  Very rarely is an entire litter adopted out at one time, leaving the mom all alone.  The mom usually has several kittens left, so she may not miss one so much.  Poor Meg.  I'm so happy her kittens got adopted to a good home, but she's walking around the house looking everywhere for them.  I know that time will heal her heart, and I hope, for her sake, it's sooner rather than later.  With any luck at all, Meg will get adopted soon and will have a new family to take the place of her kittens.

Meg, Winnie and Todd
Meg was a very good mom and took very good care of her two kids.  She's a beautiful cat, less than two years old, and is also very sweet and friendly - especially to my husband.  She and the two kittens had been in a bedroom by themselves since the day I got her when the kittens were two days old.  I was hesitant to let her of the room when the kittens were old enough. New moms can be overly protective, and I had quite a few cats loose in the house.  One day when I went in to scoop and feed them, Meg slipped out and it was a couple minutes before I realized it.  Not a problem.  She was walking around, meeting the others, and everybody was fine.  So, I opened the door and let Todd and Winnie out, too.  Boy, did they have fun running, exploring, and playing with the others.  It's not like Meg is totally alone.  She has lots of friends here, but they're still not the same as her kids.

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