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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lucy Brings us a Possum

Other pet owners are always telling me about presents their dogs or cats bring them - usually mice, birds or snakes.  Since Lucy is our only pet that goes outside, she's the only one with the means to do so.  We do have the subdivision retention pond on the other side of our back yard fence, so there are a few wild critters roaming about for Lucy to catch, if they're dumb enough to come into our yard.  She's managed to bring us three possum (I know it's really opossum) in the last four or five months.  The first two miraculously disappeared by the next morning.  The first one was huge!  And if you've never seen a possum up close and personal, they are truly ugly animals.  The second one was smaller and seemed like a teenager.  Lucy had been outside for a while tonight, and I let her in about 9pm and found another possum on the patio.  This one also looks fairly young.  Nothing like the first one.

While John had the patio door open to take the picture, I was trying to prevent four cats and Lucy from going out to see the kill.
The possum is all wet from Lucy licking/grooming it.  I'm so thankful Lucy didn't get her throat ripped open while she was licking it.  I'm only assuming that she knew this thing wasn't a kitten.  Possum have very, very long sharp teeth and very, very long sharp claws.  I just checked the patio, and the possum is gone.  It's a miracle!!!

Lucy is resting after the big hunt.

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  1. Whew, Lucy! We see you're a mighty huntress, bringing your family food, but we suspect your humans would rather not receive those types of gifts!