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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adoptee Seamus, Now KJ

This is why we foster.  Julie, another foster mom, and I received a wonderful email today from the lady, Barb, who adopted one of my fosters.  He was Seamus, but they've renamed him KJ.  We love getting emails like this and pictures.  It truly makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.  Thank you, Barb, for taking the time to write and send the pictures.  I did tell Barb that if I'd known KJ gave back rubs, he'd still be at my house, but she said I couldn't have him back.

Barb and Julie,
Happy New Year from KJ and his big brother Reggie.   I wanted to send some pictures earlier but he I couldn't get very good pictures of him.  He's so sweet--the best cat we've every had.  It's like he read his list of things I wanted and filled everyone of them and more.  Because of that, I call him robo cat which upsets Dave b/c he thinks it's a negative. I mean he's perfect. 
For some reason, he still doesn't jump up, he cries to be put on the counter and jumps from there.  We have a chair by the bed so he can pull himself up and jump to the bed.  I had the vet tech as the pet sitter in Nov. for a week to observe him.  She said she thinks that's just him.   KJ gives back rubs!  When he jumps on the bed, I turn on my side and he kneads the small of my back!!  I don't know who taught him that but it's the weirdest thing and he'll do it every time w/o me doing anything but rolling on my side. 
Reggie still can't get used to a cat rubbing up against him instead of smacking him. 
Happy New Year.  Enjoy the pictures.  We love KJ!
Barb and Dave
                                Isn't it nice that Barb provided a cat bed for KJ.
KJ and his canine buddy, Reggie, who's still getting used to a friendly cat.

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