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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catnip Toys

 I had some fleece left over from a project and got a brainstorm to make catnip cat toys.  They were definitely a hit.  Twenty percent of cats aren't affected by catnip, and a couple of my guys weren't interested.  But the ones who were, were really interested.  No fights or anything, but they were zoning out. Directions at the bottom.

Cody rockin' out..
 Little Cary Grant before he got adopted.  Boy, I miss him.  He was my buddy and shadow.  My biggest problem was not stepping on him.  He was just so sweet and cuddly.


  My sweet Lilly usually isn't like this.

 Even Sweet Bridgette says, "Don't even think about it!"

I made a bunch of these after Christmas and gave them to friends.  They're fleece filled with batting and catnip.  I literally cut and sewed one in seven minutes or less.

The fleece was cut 3.5"  x  6".   The batting was cut 5"  x  just less than 6".  Sizes are just what I had and what worked.  This is not rocket science.

 Fleece cut 3.5"  x 6".
 Batting cut about 5"  x  just under 6" so it's slightly shorter than the fleece.
 Fold the batting to fit inside the edge of  the fleece.  Wider batting will make it fatter.  This is just what I had.
Catnip looks like oregano and both are members of the mint family.  I only had one little bag of catnip and used about half a teaspoon.  If I'd had more, I would have used a teaspoon or two.

Fold the top down to meet the bottom, and sew around the three raw edges. Fleece doesn't ravel, so no need to turn edges under.

 These can be made any size or shape.  Longer, shorter, fatter, paw-shaped, bone-shaped, round - whatever.   Since there's no turning right side out, you can cut two of any shape you want, cut a couple pieces of batting slightly smaller, and sew around the edge. 


  1. Even I could make those catnip toys for my shelter donation project...I'm just not sure I'd get around to it. Maybe I'll send the instructions to my mom, who loves to sew. :-)

  2. Great toys. Can you make them with people-nip? I could use some of those.....