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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Placemats and Christmas Quilts

I made four placemats each for Laura and Sallie to go with their Vintage Kitchen Recipes blog.  I also got a couple quilts made for friends to give to their husbands as Christmas presents.  And one for teenage friend. However, I somehow forgot to get a picture of one of them.   I'll get one from the new owner. In my own defense, I finished the binding at 2:30 am and just didn't think of it.

 This is the Elvis quilt.  Jen's husband is nuts for Elvis.  She saw this fabric and asked if I'd make him a quilt for Christmas. I think it turned out super.  I told her if he didn't like it, I knew a good home for it.

A close up of the cool early Elvis pictures.  Nobody ever made black leather look so good.

Ashley likes blue.  I had most of this done already from times I just wanted to sew and didn't want to think about a pattern.  I like the look.  This is the fourth one I've made with just strips.  One pink, one purple, and two blue.  Full width strips, various widths, cut from lots of fabrics from my stash.

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  1. What a lot of work -- great job on them all.

    You know I can't sew a stitch, but I do knit basic stuff. That counts as creative, right? Hahaha. Don't answer that.

    BTW, re: your comment about stretching out on the floor like Derry--actually I do stretch out on the carpet a lot, especially in the evenings. I'm so stiff from slouching in front of a computer screen all day that the floor is great for my back. And literally for the stretches I do. :-)