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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cat Hide and Seek

There's always antics of some kind around here.  This went on while we were watching TV last night.  I know the pictures would be so much better with lighter furniture, but John insists on a better reason to get new furniture than nicer pictures of the cats.

 Bridgette was on Lucy's quilt on the sofa when Ebony crawled under the edge.

The lump in the middle of the quilt is Ebony.

 Then, she slipped out the side.

Meg came to join in.


  1. Nice loveseat. And the perfect spot for kitty games--and naps!

  2. I could watch the kitties play for hours except I have to join in the fun!

  3. ooooh, "Blanket Monster"! Always a fun game. I like to lift the corner to see the crazy eyes underneath!

  4. You just need to get lighter cats.

  5. I love seeing Bridgette so happy and content. You certainly have changed her entire world!