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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brooke and Ellie's Kittens

My niece, Brooke, spent the weekend with me awaiting Minnie's kittens.  We were so sure they would come Friday night, then Saturday, and now it's Sunday afternoon, and still no kittens.  I think she's really close.  She lays in the birthing box and pants like it'll be any second, and the she jumps out, jumps on the bed, and wants us with her.  Then she'll jump off the bed, go back in the box like they're coming, and five minutes later, she's back on the bed.  I'm editing as the evening goes on.
3:15 pm - no kittens
6:00 pm - no kittens
9:00 pm - no kittens
11:30 pm - no kittens
 Mon, 11:30 am - no kittens, but a slight discharge.  Getting close?
Tue, 2:30 am - no kittens, and she's jumping on the bed at will.  I want babies!!!

So, Brooke and I went downstairs to see Ellie and her babies again and we took some pictures. The orange ball is just for a size reference.  I used it in their picture from last week.  They're getting so big in just a week, and will be two weeks old Wed.  All their eyes are open.  The buff one is Buffy, and the light gray one, the largest one, is Willow, and that's as far as we got.
 Here's Brooke with the dark kitten with the split color face.  So adorable.

Brooke really likes this kitten.  It's her favorite.