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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Liz, the New Kitten

For anyone who hasn't had the news on lately, the St. Louis airport had major damage from a tornado or straight-line winds Friday night.  My brother, Steve, and his wife, Judy, from Dallas had flown in Thursday night because the flight was $30 cheaper.  Lucky for them or they might still be stuck on a plane. His son, Corey, and wife, Liz, came down Thursday night from Chicago and drove through a lot of it.  My sister, Sue, came from Mt. Vernon on Friday, but it went through her place, too.  We all weathered out the storm here just fine.  The damage went north and south of us.  But, right before the storm started, Joanie, a friend of a friend, Darlene, brought over a 7-week-old kitten, just under 2 pounds, from her mother's house in Hermann, another hard-hit area from the storm.  Joanie's mom had been feeding a friendly feral cat since last fall.  A few weeks ago the cat was bringing three kittens with her.  Joanie asked Darlene if she knew anyone who could take the kittens, and her mom would keep mama cat.  Being one of my best friends, Darlene did know who to call.  I said if Joanie could get them tested for leukemia and aids, and if they were negative, I would take them.  I couldn't risk my other adults and nine other babies here.  Before Joanie could get to the vet Friday, Mom found a home for one kitten.  Then while Joanie was at the vet's office, someone wanted one of the other two.  So, the one she brought me is negative, but it was the black one.  Now, I have nothing at all against black cats, and my favorite foster is Ebony, a black cat, but I do have five shiny black fosters here among the gang and am ready for something not black.  Well, this little girl is not a solid, shiny black.  She's a fuzzy tortie and has little blotches of tan here and there.  I fell in love with her instantly.  And so did Liz, who carried the kitten around and held her while we played Dominos.  Liz couldn't get Corey to consent to a cat in the apartment and went back to Chicago yesterday kittenless.  Sorry, Liz.  Corey did take these two pictures of Liz holding the kitten, and I'm naming the kitten in her honor. 

Since the kitten was negative, I've put her in Ellie's room and she and Ellie are doing just fine and eating canned food from the same dish.  Liz is not okay with Ellie's kittens, though, so Liz sleeps on the recliner.  Next week I cut the door of the birthing box all the way to the floor, and the kittens will be all over the room.  Hopefully Liz will be okay with them by then.  I also have her laying on me now in the family room.  I think it's going to take a couple days for her to get used to Lucy, the dog, too, but everybody does.  Isn't she just gorgeous?  I wish Corey had taken a picture of both Lizes together.  They're both beautiful girls. John has a picture of Corey and Liz from our daughter's wedding on his computer and I'll get that soon and add it here.

In a couple weeks, Liz, the kitten, will go in for her package and will be spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated.  Then she'll be ready for adoption.

NOTE:  Liz was adopted May 7, her first day at Petsmart.  Turns out the adopter's brother lives on my street and I've known the family for years.  Small world.


  1. Miss Liz is the cutest little mite! She'll be adopted in no time.

    Happy Easter from alla us at The Katnip Lounge!

  2. Oh Liz is just totally adorable! We are sure that she will find a good forever home very quickly!