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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ellie's Kittens at Two Weeks

Mama Ellie and her four kittens.  I think they're all girls and have given them names.  The light buff one was easy - Buffy.  Then I got started on a Buffy, the Vampire Slayer theme.  Yes, we watched the show every week.  Buffy's last name was Summers, so the one with the split colored face, under mom's paw, is Summer.  The big, fat, adorable gray one is Willow, and the other gray one with a light tan patch on one side of her face is Anya.  My favorite seems to change every five minutes.  Now, I have no favorite.  They're all my favorites.  Ellie is such a good mom, but is getting a little too protective.  Since Ellie came with roundworms, she had a dose of dewormer the day I got her two weeks ago.  Also the day the kittens were born.  Now, at two weeks, Ellie got her second dose tonight and the babies got their first dose.  I think I made a mistake in giving Ellie hers first.  When I reached in to get a kitten, I got a nip on my wrist, then my arm, then a hiss, as I slowly took a baby out of the box.  It's like she knew what I was going to do.  Weird.  All kittens got their meds and I didn't bleed doing it.  Fair enough.

Here are individual pictures of the kittens that I'm quite proud of.  You would think two week old kittens would just lay there and let you snap picture after picture.  Hah!  You would be wrong.  For each cute picture here, there's nine or ten that got deleted. They turned their head or put their head down, or closed their eyes.  They can turn themselves completely around in my hand before I can take the picture.  Got a lot of butt shots that I deleted. Even the ones I did get were not in focus,  John had to come in and take some while I held them.  That's my hand under the fabric.