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Sunday, April 10, 2011

TJ Got Adopted

My big beautiful boy, TJ, got adopted last night to a wonderful guy, Jason.  He's a young (everybody under 35 is young to me) single guy with a house and no other animals.  He reads a lot, so TJ will have a lap to lay in. I know they're going to be best buds very soon.

We started talking about books, and found we like some of the same authors like Dean Koontz (the older books) and Stephen King (also the older books).  And I told him about Jeffrey Deaver and the Lincoln Rhyme series.  The Bone Collector movie with Denzel Washington and Anjelina Jolie is the first book in the series. We could have talked about books all night.  It was hard for me to remember that he was anxious to get his new cat home.

I also loved the fact that he wants to continue feeding TJ the no-grain food all my cats get. It's so much better for them.  Cats are meat eaters.  I want to gag when I read labels on cat food bags that prominently proclaim "whole grains" or "made with brown rice" like these are good things for cats. If three of the first five ingredients of your dry cat food are corn, wheat, rice or barley, get a different food. They're just fillers. And you don't even want to know what by-products and digest are.

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