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Monday, April 23, 2012

Annabelle And Her Kittens

Another foster mom, Julie, took in a mom and her four babies last week.  She named the mom Annabelle.  The shelter had an orphan kitten just a few days older than Annabelle's kittens and put it with them to see if Annabelle would accept it, and she did.  Julie sent a great photo tonight of the family.

Annabelle and her kittens - plus one.

From the left are:

Cassie  (she is an orphan that was placed with mama)
Delilah  (she's the one looking up)
Cameron  (I think he's a boy, if not, her name will be Cammie)
Devon  (aka - Tank, he's the largest one)
Julie is loving having the kittens.  We all do.  How can you not love the kittens.  I told Julie that I'm a sucker for the Russian Blue type, which would be Delilah, the lighter gray one on her back.  I loaned Julie a digital scale, and she reported that they are all gaining weight every day.  These cuties are about three weeks old.  Our kittens can be adopted just after they're nine weeks old.  So, you all have five to six weeks to pick a couple of Elsa's or Annabelle's kittens.  Order early and beat the rush.


  1. They are really sweet. That momma is a very beautiful cat and so sweet to accept the little orphan. Deb

  2. Not that I'm biased or anything, but they sure are pretty adorable! :) They are nursing happily as I type. Annabelle is such a great mama - very protective and nurturing. I can't wait until they are old enough to explore and play. And your babies are getting so big! Talk about adorable... nothing cuter than an orange tabby kitten. :)

  3. Yes, Delilah caught my eye right away, probably because of her pose. They're all so precious!

  4. Gorgeous and sweet all in one! We sometimes call Tiny Johnson "Tank"--I LOL-ed at the nickname.

  5. They certainly are a pretty family. I understand how you feel about kittens. They are precious.

  6. Gorgeous babies! And Annabelle sure looks like a proud mom! Such a sweet girl to take in the little orphan :*)

  7. If we adopt one of those cute kittens, can we change the name??

  8. Carly, I can't email you directly, as I don't have your address. Yes, everybody changes the name of the cat or kitten they adopt.