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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elsa's Kittens at Four Weeks

The little rugrats are growing so fast.  Four weeks old yesterday.  My camera says I've taken 288 photos in two days.   It was hard picking 15 or so.  I tried to get a good mix of different activities and poses.  I never got the velcro collars on them, so I still don't know who is who, except for the longer haired ones.  Everyone is gaining weight and getting bigger, but some are bigger than others.  So far, the girls are bigger than the boys.  One of the girls has white feet and a white chest.

The standard nursing shot and all eight are there.  Soon, only Elsa's head will be visible.

 He managed to crawl up the side of the box I put them in after meds.  They're so big, they don't all fit in it, anymore.

 They've been eating some dry and canned food for a few days.  And they're starting to drink water from a dish.  I had a taller water bowl for Elsa, but switched to a shallow one so the babies didn't take a header and drown.

This is a milestone when the kittens learn to use a litter box.  I'm a very proud mama.

Deb, at Just Cats, has a page of cats in windows.  I'm going to start a Sleeping Kitten page.  There's just nothing cuter than a sleeping kitten.

 Mama was eating, and the kitten just curled up and used her tail for a pillow.

 This one had fun playing with my PJ pants leg.
The towel I use to cover the top of the box is now a ladder to climb.  The door to the box is below the bottom kitten, just out of camera range.  The kitten got a running start and jumped up onto the towel  like it was a velcro wall.

One of these days, I'll get reacquainted with my sewing machine.  Between the kittens, other fosters, everyday life, and my mom, it's a little busy and tense around here.


  1. Awwww....awwwwww they are just so adorable!!!

  2. Gees, Barb, didn't you just post and say they were 3 weeks old? What happened to the week? LOL. I lost a week. :-)

    I don't know how you stand that much kitten cuteness on a daily basis. I'd go out of my mind, need to be revived daily, I think. Ha.

    I hope they're a good de-stresser for you right now...along with a martini or two, of course.

  3. I want all of them!!!!!

  4. My family and I are interested in adopting one of the buff boys:)

  5. Dee Dee, I have no way of contacting you directly. Your profile has nothing in it. Please email me directly at Two of the buff boys are available. Barb

  6. I agree, there is nothing cuter than a sleeping kitten. They're all so adorable! Thank you for saving them!