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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elsa's Kittens at Nine Days Old

I've been bad about posting the kittens for a few days.  Although I'm doing very well since my eye surgery Friday, it's still a little different seeing out of just one eye and is a little difficult typing.

The kittens are nine days old today and most have their eyes open.  They're all growing and thriving.  I haven't had to bottle feed any for several days, now.  Mom's either producing more milk or the kittens are getting better at sucking.  Or both.  Their little tummies are always round and full.

 Sometimes the kittens are all huddled together when I check on them, and sometimes they're scattered around.  There's a heating pad under the towel, so it's always warm.  Kittens can't regulate their body temperature until they're about three weeks old, so they need the extra warmth.  Otherwise, they'd be huddled together with mom to keep warm.  Most of the time I go in to check on them, mom is laying on the cooler floor outside the box, but she never leaves the nursery to go into the bedroom.

 Mama jumps in the box and all the kittens gathered around to eat.  Elsa's not at all concerned about who she lays on when she flops over to nurse.  I usually have to pull at least one out from under her.  I know they've all made it all the other times when I'm not around, but it sure is tense for me when I see it happen.

There's usually two layers of kittens when they nurse.  Sometimes, they'll change or trade positions.  The ones on the bottom usually want a spot on top, but the ones on top are happy right where they are.

 They're only a week and a half old, and they're already fighting for space at the table.  It doesn't take long watching them to see two bitch-slapping and pawing at each other.  It's so funny to see.  Mom is eating two or three cans of food a day,  3/4 of a cup of formula, and some of three different kinds of dry food.  I can't imagine how they're all going to fit for the next six weeks.  I'm going to have to start a "Feed Elsa" fund drive.  A scout troop did a fund drive for Heartland and will present their donations at a Saturday adoption at Petsmart in the next week or two.  Maybe I can beg a few extra cans cases of food for mama.

 For comparison, this was taken six days ago when they were three days old.  It's amazing how fast they grow.

 This is a little out of focus, but I didn't have the right setting to take a close up.  He doesn't look very happy, does he?

This is a darker kitten today.
This is one of the buffs at three days old.

Isn't he just too cute?  In another week, he'll barely fit in my hand.


  1. OMG They are adorable. Glad you are doing well. I will be up in O'Fallon the last weekend in May. Can't wait to see you

  2. They are so sweet my teeth hurt just looking at them. LOL.

    When do you start to get a sense of personalities? That's just a general interest question, as I've never really been around very young kittens.