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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Box Lids Are a Hit

I've made covers for three box lids for my gang so far and put all three out in the family room.  Lilly was the first one in a few days ago with the one and only box.  I swear she didn't leave it for two days.  Yesterday, I made two more covers and put them out.  Lilly was in one of the new ones because Delcy and Meg took over hers.

 It looks a little crowded.......
but they don't seem to mind, since there was an empty box right next to them.  And don't you like how well they go with the decor.


  1. They look great! I could do that, I suppose. If I could use glue or double-sided tape and didn't have to sew. And if I could find a box lid or two--they're actually pretty scarce!

  2. Funny how something so simple become the best. No matter how many things I buy Blair she just goes for paper bags!